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Kapha governs

Kapha governs bodily functions concerned with physical structure and fluid balance. Kapha governs the healthy formation of fat, muscles, bone and sinew. It protects the heart and lungs and provides strong muscles.
Kapha governs…
  • Strength
  • Normal joints
  • Stability of mind
  • Dignity
  • Affectionate and forgiving
  • Strong
  • Properly proportioned
  • Courage
  • Vitality



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It is very Kapha to…

  • Wake up slowly and need a coffee to get going in the morning
  • Mull things over for a long time before making a decision
  • Dislike cold, damp climates and stagnant air
  • Move slowly with a tendency to being less active
  • Tend to accumulate mucous, particularly in the morning
  • Save money and accumulate wealth easily
  • Seek emotional comfort from eating
  • Enjoy preparing food
  • Have a tendency to develop diabetes
  • Gain weight easily and tendency to be obese

Kapha out balance results in…

  • Worries, overactive mind, sleep problems and difficulty breathing.
  • Sinus congestion and a poor sense of smell
  • Poor sense of taste, and food cravings due to a lack of fulfillment
  • Impaired digestion, cold and heavy, with poor absorption
  • Lethargy, respiratory problems and lower back pain
  • Weight gain, with oily skin and loose or painful joints
  • Depression and low mood states

How to balance Kapha

  • Stimulation
  • Variety of experience
  • Kapha balancing food and drink
  • Reduced sweetness
  • Stay warm
  • Avoid dampness
  • Dry body  massage
  • Warm fluids during the day
  • Regular exercise
  • Weight control
  • If sick, rest and let family and friends pay extra attention to you
  • Head congestion – sinus clearing technique