Services – Overview

“Linda has a gift for helping people heal in many ways. Seeing her is such a worthwhile investment – worth every cent.”
Elaine, Business person

Our Services

Linda offers a range of services that help people restore balance,
get back on track, or achieve success and reach their goals.
These services include…
  • Maharishi Ayurveda Consultations
  • Transcendental Meditation sessions
  • Fast-Track Coaching


Maharishi Ayurveda Consultations

“It has been a real delight to suggest an Ayur-Vedic Pulse Check (a sort of Mind-Body Warrant of Fitness!) to friends who have now also experienced great benefits. Thanks again.”
Paul, Businessman

Your unique body type instinctively reflects how nature intends you to live. By listening to and following these natural tendencies your body is capable of achieving and maintaining balance with minimal effort on your part.

Your personal consultation with Linda provides a personal well-being prescription including dietary, lifestyle and herbals tailored to your unique mind body type and current needs.

Learn more about Maharishi Ayurveda and how Linda can help you restore balance.

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Finding inner calm and unfolding potential

“I’m a partner in a large firm and I have a very high stress job. I cannot overstate the impact TM has had in my life in almost every area. The change was almost instantaneous, almost from the first day and the amazing thing is nothing in my life has changed except for TM.”
Chris, Business person

Linda has been a teacher of Transcendental Meditation since 1990. The transformation that occurs when a person learns TM continues to inspire Linda, making the teaching of TM one of her favourite activities.

Learn more about Transcendental Meditation and how Linda can help you find your inner calm and unfold your potential.

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Fast-Track Coaching

Work has made a quantum leap for the better. I use to work hard to achieve, now I work smart! I trust my improving creativity and intuition and find myself inspiring others to do the same.
Robert, HR/Training Consultant

After giving many consultations Linda became aware of the fast track clients achieved when given the additional support of knowledge, understanding and self insight. This lead Linda to establishing a longer term ‘coaching relationship’ with her clients, utilising the latest in neuroscience to help clients fast-tracking their health, personal and/or career goals.

Learn more about Fast-Track Coaching and how Linda can help you fast track your success and acheive your goals.

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