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Yes please, I’d love that!

Have you ever wondered why one particular diet works well for your friends, but not for you, or vice versa?

Why is it that some people have their own likes and dislikes for different types of foods, as well as sports, hobbies or even weather? Why is one person prone to a particular type of disorder while others are not?

According to Maharishi Ayurveda this is because you are unique – different people have different body types. The traditional Ayurvedic system of body typing is a complete science in itself and offers a refreshing new dimension to health care.

To determine your unique body-type, a wide range of mental and physical characteristics are assessed, including hair distribution, complexion, body frame, feature of the eyes, face and teeth, pulse sleep patterns, food and weather preferences, digestive patterns, habits, likes and dislikes.

Once your body type has been identified, accurate predications can be made about the type of diet, daily routine, exercise, food supplements, and herbals that would best suit you.

In this way, body-type analysis provides the foundation for structuring a truly personalised health care programme that will provide incalculable value for the rest of your life.