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“9:00 in the morning, and 4:30 in the afternoon no matter what is going on, we stop and we meditate, And you can’t imagine what has happened in the company, people who used to have migraines, don’t. People are sleeping better, they are having better relationships and they are interacting with other people better. It’s been fantastic.”

Oprah Winfrey
American media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist


“The research on Transcendental Meditation is excellent. There is a strong connection between TM and reductions in everything from depression and PTSD symptoms to high blood pressure and heart mortality.”

Dr. Pamela Peeke
Host, Could You Survive , Discovery Health TV
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Maharishi Ayurveda

Transcendental Meditation

Fast-track Coaching



Maharishi Ayurveda

Chronic Disorders

Improvement in common chronic disorders. In a three-month pilot study, Maharishi Vedic herbal preparations, diet, and behavioural advice led to clear improvement in 79% of 126 subjects with one of ten common chronic disorders (asthma, chronic bronchitis, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic constipation, eczema, psoriasis, hypertension, non-insulin-dependent diabetes, chronic sinusitis and chronic headaches). These patients had suffered from their disorders for an average of 17 years prior to the study and had not gained relief from other forms of treatment.



Most people spend their money on health insurance but I choose to spend mine on health prevention. This simple natural system has strengthened my health. I have greater resilience to the challenges of business with improved clarity and energy all day.”
Graeme, Company Director

With very little effort and in a short space of time, I have managed to achieve a sense of well being and better health than I have had in the last 15 years. It is good to feel happy again and be able to relax and enjoy my weekends.
Louise, Administrator

“It has been a real delight tosuggest an Ayur-Vedic Pulse Check (a sort of Mind-Body Warrant of Fitness!) to friends who have now also experienced great benefits. Thanks again.
Paul, Businessman

“I use to admire the swimmers in the fast lane and over time I joined them. It happened so easily that I didn’t notice how effortlessly I had improved in speed and stamina. These results were impressive and without any strain or discomfort. I enjoyed it. I’ll always exercise this way now.”
Allan, General Manager



Transcendental Meditation

The Transcendental Meditation Program

Decreased health care utilisation. A five-year study of 2000 people using Blue Cross/Blue Shield data found decreased outpatient and inpatient utilisation in those practicing the Transcendental Meditation program. Overall reductions were more than 50 percent as compared to norms, based on the health care utilisation rates of 600,000 members of the same insurance carrier. In the over-40 age group, the reduction was over 70 percent. Hospital admissions were significantly reduced in all 17 disease categories studied, including 87 percent less for disorders of the heart and blood vessels, 55 percent less for neoplastic diseases, 73 percent less for respiratory problems, 87 percent less for neurological disorders, 49 percent less for gastrointestinal conditions, and 30 percent less for infectious diseases.

Reduction of high blood pressure. A randomised controlled trial on hypertension published in 1995 found that the Transcendental Meditation program, produced significant reductions in systolic and diastolic pressure comparable to those commonly found with anti-hypertensive medication, but without any side effects. The Transcendental Meditation program was found to be twice as effective as a relaxation technique (progressive muscular relaxation) in reducing blood pressure. A control group who received a ‘usual care’ program of advice on weight loss, salt restriction, exercise, and reduced alcohol intake showed no significant change in blood pressure.

Younger biological age. A number of studies on individuals practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique have shown enhanced biological youthfulness as measured by the hormone aging marker DHEAS and by physiological measures of biological age combining blood pressure, near-point vision, and auditory acuity.



“I decided to try TM because I was willing to try anything, however I was very sceptical of TM–which seemed a bit hocus pocus to me–like hypnosis or something. What probably ultimately sold me was being told that TM works on sceptics too.”

“The change was almost instantaneous, literally from the first day.”

“Worry, anxiety, negative thoughts and fear of the worst  would subside for a while sometimes, only to return. […] The crazy thing in retrospect is I thought that it was just in my nature to be like that.”

“When I first heard what TM would cost, I thought it was expensive. If I had known then how I would feel now though, I would have been prepared to mortgage the house. TM has been that transformational for me. I will practice TM for the rest of my life.”
Chris, Business person

“I am extremely grateful for Linda and Transcendental Meditation for helping me stay well. I am able to manage my blood pressure, after all these years, without reverting to modern chemicals and medicines, which do not agree with me. The consultations are marvelous – we get to the core of the problem and address it.”
Anna, Retired Nurse, Mother and Wife

“I had withdrawn myself into a general state of anxiety including an identity crisis. The only place of real security was at home, which severely limited my ability to be outside. I lived with a rhetorical pattern of fear that I felt I had no control of with addictive thought processes.

I had sought help from two psychologists and did not want to take pharmaceutical medicines. I combined Transcendental Meditation with the work I have done with Linda. Working with her has helped me to regain balance, and quickly. Linda has helped me to restore my natural balance again and I am feeling really good now. I see the world the way I use to many years ago. Life is good.”
Peter, Managing Director


Fast-track Coaching



I felt like a trapped, cold machine when I first came to Linda. I saw this for what it was quite quickly with Linda’s help – a protective shell on overdrive. I have now learnt to pace myself and to be more in touch with myself and therefore with others – this of course has resulted in increased performance at work as a side benefit! Linda has a gift for helping people heal in many ways. Seeing her is such a worthwhile investment – worth every cent.
Elaine, Business person

Work has made a quantum leap for the better. I use to work hard to achieve, now I work smart! I trust my improving creativity and intuition and find myself inspiring others to do the same.
Robert, HR/Training Consultant

“When I got to Linda I was pretty much in a dark hole. I was searching for help, as the conventional way hadn’t worked. I’d been severely depressed for the past 4 years. But I was desperate so I gave it a go with Linda’s ongoing guidance. Now, I don’t feel depressed anymore and haven’t for the last three years. If it hadn’t been for Linda I don’t feel I would be here.”
Donna, Office Manager